Good Reasons Why Moving From New York To Florida Is a Right Decision

Florida is the World’s theme park capital and home to Orlando. It has wonders ranging from natural caves and untamed wilds to the vibrant Miami region. There is never a gloomy moment in Florida, the sunshine state. If you are planning to migrate, then Florida is a great option. There are several compelling reasons to move here, but as a New Yorker, you will need to prepare yourself for a more laid-back lifestyle.

You are planning to leave the hustle and bustle of a city, so sit back and ponder whether migrating to Florida is the right decision or not. After you are certain then you will need to hire reliable movers for making your transition smooth. To ship a car from New York to Floridayou can visit to get an instant quote. They are transportation professionals with an experience of 30 years, which defines the level of shipping service you can get.

Cost of living

Rental apartment or homes in Florida is cheaper than New York. You can even think about buying a house in Florida, which may seem impossible in NYC. The average price is approximately $200,000 rather than millions. Even the living cost is low. The rational cost of living means you gain more financial freedom. It will allow you to invest in new projects. Florida state taxes are low.

Public transportation

Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville are connected by Metro rail and bus services. Your car is also a good way of moving to the neighborhood of Florida. Daytona Beach, South Beach, and Key West areas are bicycle-friendly.


The climate is generally warm throughout the year. Summers are warm, long, and humid. Thunderstorms are often experienced, but it helps to keep evening temperature lower. Winters are mild and sometimes get cooler.

Unlike the mainland cities, the weather on Florida’s coast differs a little. The shore breeze from Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa keeps the temperature cooler in summer. Florida’s weather does not wildly differ.


In Florida, people with or without work experience or education can find employment. Agriculture, aerospace, tourism, and financial services are the major areas that contribute to the economy of Florida.


Florida is a driving state. As you will be shipping your car, ensure to transfer title, license, and registration with Florida DMV within 30 days of established residency. Check the DMV website for a checklist needed when you migrate to Florida.

Moving tips

  • Leave hefty winter staples to make room for a new life in the Sunshine city.
  • Prepare a list of the necessary things you need to pack. Migration is the best time to de-clutter.
  • Move-in summer rather than winter.
  • Book car transportation in advance. It ensures that carriers are available on specific dates.
  • As Florida has lots of parking spaces there is no need for special parking permits.
  • Check with your insurer about car policy updates as you will be moving to another state.
  • Start your local culinary tasting adventure slowly.

A good moving company can make a difference!

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