Don’t Rent a Car, Rent a Bike.

On the occasion you find yourself needing to rent some transportation, do you ever consider that you could be getting more from the opportunity? Do you always just assume that you are going to rent something with four wheels? Perhaps it is time that you considered what it would be like if you rented a motorcycle instead? Very few people consider the two-wheel option and perhaps it Is because we have trouble breaking away from old habits. But the truth is, you can have more fun and save a little money if you went with renting a motorcycle.

  • When it Works: The best situation to opt for a bike over a car, is when you can travel with limited cargo, and the weather conditions are favourable. But since most people rent cars on a holiday or for a business meeting, they likely have a hotel to stow their luggage, and they are probably travelling light anyway. The weather will be up to the season though.
  • Why Is it Better? If you are wondering why bikes are better, you probably aren’t a regular rider. The truth is, when exploring new areas, or just getting around the city, motorcycles are easier, they can park in more places, they give you a 360-degree view of the scenery, and you get to be in the open air. And then there is the fact that motorcycles are much more enjoyable to ride. Also, they use very little fuel, and the insurance is cheaper too.
  • You May Discover What You Have Been Missing: If you are not a regular rider, taking the opportunity to rent a bike during a trip provides a great opportunity to either, test out a new model of a bike, or to help you decide if you would like to have a bike of your own. Many people go the rental route when shopping for a new motorcycle, as it gives them an extended test ride without any pressure. When you get back to your home, you can start looking for Yamaha motorcycle deals in your hometown.
  • What are the Downsides? The obvious limitation of motorcycles is that when the weather turns ugly, you are better off in a car, unless you brought rain gear. Another problem is the limitations of carrying cargo. But these issues can be reduced with a little planning and awareness.

Renting a bike for a business trip might be just the thing to turn the drudgery of your work life, into a well needed adventure. And it can take your average holiday experience up a few levels as well.

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